What Makes a Great Support Coordinator?

The purpose of a Support Coordinator is to facilitate capacity and to assist in the implementation of your NDIS plan. For the duration of the NDIS plan, Support Coordinators work towards setting up the right supports to foster independence and for OnSide customers to achieve their specific goals. As such, the job of a Support Coordinator will vary. 

Support Coordinators Make Sense of Everything!

The NDIS process can be overwhelming, and for many OnSide customers, the value they see from their Support Coordinators is how they ‘translate’ the NDIS. Support Coordinators are NDIS experts and the disability sector is our specialty. Our job is to make sense of it all. 

From approval to implementation, your NDIS experience may involve many small or large decisions, and it is the job of a great Support Coordinator to walk alongside you to assist you in making your choice. Some of these decisions include:

  • Which providers will deliver which supports? Do you have a preferred provider or do you need help researching the right provider for you?
  • Where should you prioritise funding? 
  • What are you looking for in a support worker? Finding a match with your support worker is more than just experience and qualifications. Ensuring you ‘click’ is vital.

Decisions around these choices can significantly impact your NDIS experience. Therefore, having an expert Support Coordinator can make all the difference. Whilst your Support Coordinator will provide you with great advice regarding some of these decisions, they will also see things from all angles, making sure your values take priority.

Independence, Always

OnSide is completely independent which means we research providers based on your preference, not ours. Whilst our Support Coordinators have a wealth of knowledge regarding high quality services offered in many areas, and can provide you with practical options, you have the final say in picking which specific supports you work with. Support Coordinators always explore the opportunities available to customers with their NDIS funds. In fact, one of the very reasons OnSide was founded was because we witnessed first-hand how many opportunities were missed, simply from not exploring all the options. Our mission is to make sure customers are doing everything they can with the funds available to them. 

Your NDIS plan is tailored to you, which means your independent Support Coordinator assists you to tailor your supports and providers to meet your needs. No bias. No cookie cutting. No rollover of existing arrangements. As your needs and goals adapt, we adapt with you. If you don’t think something is working, we will help you change it. It’s as simple as that. 

What is Support Coordination?

It should go without saying, but a great Support Coordinator:

  • Follows the NDIS Code of Conduct
  • Is savvy in NDIS speak
  • Is flexible in their approach
  • Is compassionate
  • Works towards capacity building
  • Is focused on the specific goals of the customer
  • Is completely independent
  • Works within the framework to connect all the moving parts of an NDIS plan
  • Is tenacious in their pursuit of the customers best possible outcomes

When looking for the right Support Coordinator for you, consider which of these questions might be important to you:

  1. Do you have specific experience with or knowledge of my disability?
  2. What specialist knowledge do you have that could assist me? (This may be age-specific knowledge, understanding of the school system or transitioning to work, language or cultural understanding, or community services experience.)
  3. What ideas do you have in mind so that I can work towards my goals?
  4. How do you intend to build my capacity to coordinate my own supports and foster independence?
  5. What does my success look like to you?

While the actual role of a Support Coordinator is very clear, OnSide Support Coordinators are known to be adaptable and versatile depending on the needs of their customers. They are passionate about what they do. They are creative and flexible thinkers. Don’t take it from us! Check out what our customers have to say about their experience with OnSide Support Coordinators here