The role of Support Coordination in supporting value for money for NDIS participants

Support Coordinators play a pivotal role in ensuring they represent and assist their customers to get the absolute most value out of their NDIS plan. Support Coordination should be entirely based around an individual’s goals and objectives for what they would like to achieve from their plan.
With a Support Coordinator assisting each customer to plan and best allocate their funding according to their specific needs, you can rest assured that we will facilitate the relevant supports and services to get you on your way to living your best life.


How do Support Coordinators allocate funding?


The different categories of NDIS plan funding can be confusing for participants, which is why Support Coordination is so important. Once you have invited a Support Coordinator on board, you will spend some time together planning and discussing the services and supports relevant to your individual circumstances.


Once your Support Coordinator has a firm grasp of your situation, they can then call on their expertise to become a one stop shop/single point of contact in navigating the implementation of these facilities, planning their frequency to best suit your needs, and your budget.  


The importance of fundamental goals


The way your funding is allocated depends largely on your goals – which is why formulating your goals thoroughly and concisely is such an important element of utilising your NDIS plan.


Sharing these goals with your OnSide Support Coordinator will enable you both as a team to really hone in on your unique requirements, implementing the right services and supports from the get go. 


The proof is in the plan


A significant component of the role of a Support Coordinator is to assist you to navigate your funding for the entirety of your plan budget. This funding forecasting will ensure you receive continuity of care, ensuring your spending is on track for the budgeted timeframe, and is adjusting accordingly should your spending exceed (or fall short of) your budgeted forecast. 


Resourceful in finding stellar providers


At OnSide, we ONLY do Support Coordination. This means we are experts in our field, with an ever-growing network of vetted, tried-and-tested support providers Australia wide.


We often learn and share with each other, and we are continuously working hard to secure even more diverse and varied providers to improve our customers’ quality of life. We are open to connecting you with new providers and are constantly thinking outside the box to get our customers what they need. 


Above and beyond – community care and social interaction


We are fully invested in our customers, and want to set them up to thrive in the most resourceful and significant ways. Alongside funded services and supports, we also engage with mainstream local community services to increase your community participation and social life. These wonderful council and government incentives provide additional support and facilitate holistic wellness with zero costs involved for the NDIS. 


Fraudulent providers? Not with us.


Unfortunately, not all providers in the disability industry are in it for the right reasons. Occasionally, we may encounter a provider who is not operating in alignment with the regulated NDIS requirements. We encourage our customers to raise any concerns with us so we can investigate and report any fraudulent practices on your behalf. We’ll also work with you to ensure your providers are doing what they say they will. 


OnSide, supporting you to thrive.


With a thoroughly committed OnSide Support Coordinator on board, you are in the best hands to assist you to navigate and hit your goals. Not only will we coordinate and implement the right providers and supports to reflect your individual needs, we will also facilitate community participation whilst ensuring your funding will last the distance of your plan. We are invested into increasing your capacity, your independence, your connection with others and your community participation.


By budgeting and implementing relevant therapies and allied health supports that enable you to thrive, we can’t wait to assist you in getting started. Get it touch with us today, to see how we can help you access what YOU need for your desired lifestyle.