Suzy’s Story

One of the key aims of any NDIS plan is capacity building, particularly geared towards an individual to live as independently as possible. A central part of this process is housing and it’s often a point of contention for many people with disabilities who crave privacy and a home to call their own.


This is Suzy’s story, one that may not have started on the right foot, but with the support of OnSide, continues to get better, each and every day.


Getting empowered


Before Suzy started working with OnSide in 2020, she didn’t feel heard or empowered. Managing both an intellectual disability and mental health issues, she was frustrated with her current living situation and felt let down by the staff involved.


“In my old house,” Suzy explains, “I experienced physical abuse from one of the other residents. I didn’t fee comfortable and wanted to leave, but I didn’t feel like anyone cared about what I wanted.”


As someone who is very proactive, Suzy got in touch with us to find alternative housing. She wanted to move to Melbourne and needed support to coordinate the big move. It was Leigh from our Access Team who took Suzy’s first call.


“We take every inquiry through our intake process and aim to hear the voice (and requests) of each individual,” Leigh explains. “That first call is so important. We understand the courage it must’ve taken to give us a call, especially because participants have usually been through a lot already (the NDIS process can be lengthy and overwhelming). We make it our goal to ensure everyone feels heard and understood.”


“I remember Suzy’s first call vividly. She knew that she wanted to live a better life than the one she was living. With a little support and the right information, she took control of the situation and started to make the changes she needed to make.”


Building capacity


When Suzy arrived in Melbourne and moved into accommodation operated in Sunshine, she already had built-in support. Yet having all of her support providers under one umbrella wasn’t working for Suzy, which is what brought her to OnSide in the first place. Suzy craved more control and independence, which is what we can offer as a dedicated Support Coordination provider.


“My Support Coordinator has been awesome,” Suzy beams. “They help me with any issues I have with my plan and NDIS funding, especially for housing. I’m now living with my partner (and our two birdies) in my ‘forever home’, which took six years to happen. And while it’s annoying having staff around 24/7, I’m proud of myself for making it here!”


Dedicated Support Coordination by OnSide has been there every step of the way, at the ready to offer Suzy information and alternative service providers to consider to meet her plan goals.


Advocating for independence


While finding housing might not sound like a ‘big’ step for most people, for Suzy it has been a game changer. It’s added to her confidence and instilled security, so much so that she’s currently going through the process to become financially independent as well.


“OnSide is amazing,” Suzy says. “They listen, they’re good at their job and they’re lovely people, too. I feel like I can talk to them about anything and I know they’ve got my back.”


In the future, Suzy is looking to finally book a holiday and will be looking into NDIS funding with her Support Coordinator for a new laptop for her work and volunteer activities.


From day one of your NDIS journey, we’re here with you


When you get in touch with us, we’re here to listen and get you the support you need. From our Access Team right through to our dedicated Support Coordinators, our customers are at the centre of everything we do. So if you’re searching for support with an NDIS plan, give our team a call.