Rachel’s Story

The view looks good for Rachel from her NDIS plan approved Specialist Disability Apartment (SDA) in Oakleigh. Rachel has Cerebral palsy and was able to move into the first home she’s ever chosen with the support of her OnSide Support Coordinator Helen, through Summer Housing, one of the service providers in the OnSide network. 


From confusion to clarity

Rachel was previously living in a small, shared house with other people with a disability. This wasn’t a good experience for her as her needs were often the last to be met.  

“I was living in a care facility, there were regular carers coming in and out”, Rachel explains. “I didn’t enjoy living with the other clients so I wanted to get out, but it was a long process.” 

With her tenant, landlord and service provider all the same people, Rachel felt like she had little choice or ability to speak up when things weren’t working. Who could she complain to if she had an issue? So with the assistance of OnSide’s Independent Support Coordination, she began to look for an alternative and was able to finally see some progress. 


A new lease on life

Gaining a sense of independence that she’s never had before, Rachel sings the praises of her support coordinator Helen. “Whereas some people who say ‘just do it this way’, Helen found a way through it,” she explains. “And if I’ve got issues with my service, I can get Helen to help”, Rachel beams. 

With OnSide, Rachel has access to providers that she chooses, when she chooses – and OnSide has listened carefully to her needs and supported her journey to independence. Navigating the NDIS can be difficult, and because we are well-versed in how to get the most out of an NDIS plan, Rachel was able to learn more about her options.


Realising a dream

Moving into a brand new apartment that’s tailored to her needs despite all the lockdowns and restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought relief for Rachel. 

“It’s not an uncommon thing to move out of home [with a disability] – it’s difficult but it can be done as long as you find the right people to help you”, she explains. “Without OnSide, I don’t know if I would be where I am today.”

Many wheelchair users are reliant on carers to do everyday tasks, so finding the right provider can be a challenge. If Rachel is unhappy with the service she’s receiving, Helen can support her to entertain other options.What this does is place the control back in Rachel’s hands to ensure her needs are placed at the heart of everything. 


Independence and empowerment is our priority

There are a few reasons why you might choose OnSide – and because we’re an independent support provider, it means we have a broader network and can keep searching to find the right service for you. If you or someone you know needs assistance with their NDIS plan, contact us for a no obligation free chat.