Paula’s Story

“Without OnSide…we would not have known where to start…”


Paula is a dedicated mother with two sons that are OnSide customers. Both her children have ASD and Paula knew that her sons had not been getting the most out of their NDIS plans.


“I initially engaged OnSide to access appropriate services including an OT for my middle son, a support worker to help with my three children and house cleaning assistance,” Paula tells us.


Individualised Service


For OnSide, independence is vital to ensure we find the right support for each customer. “Our Support Coordinator, Natasha, linked our family with perfectly-matched services, professionals and supports for our family’s needs, and particularly my sons’ with challenging behaviours.”


Many customers come to OnSide without even realising how much control they have when choosing the providers to work with them. “Natasha understood that we needed male workers and ones that could work with kids resisting therapy to suit our exact needs. She knew just the right people, and was successful every time in connecting us to another service. She was able to sum up very quickly what we needed and who,” adds Paula.


Individualising services is more than just ticking boxes. It’s about having an adaptive and flexible approach and understanding the exact circumstances of each individual. Finding the right providers means taking into account more than just a diagnosis. We are not affiliated with any service provider, so we have the privilege of being able to use our extensive network to ensure we match each customer with the right support.


The Perfect Match


For those unable to access the right service providers to meet their individual needs, it can be an overwhelming experience. “Our family is now connected with amazing support workers, home help and brilliant OT assistance, thanks to Natasha’s contacts and perseverance in setting up these supports,” Paula says. “Without OnSide and Natasha, we would not have known where to start looking for these wonderful supports, let alone the energy to follow up. A very big thank you from me and our family.”


OnSide understands that ‘clicking’ with a Support Coordinator and feeling confident in their abilities is key. “Natasha is experienced, intelligent, efficient, so knowledgeable about autism, ADHD and kids/adults with challenging behaviours. She doesn’t give up and continues to check in with us. She also intrinsically understands our needs and challenges. And most importantly, Natasha is kind, friendly, down to earth, never judging and just damn good at her job.”




When working with customers, Support Coordinators understand that goals change, which is why it’s vital to adapt. Having a flexible plan allows customers to grow and access the supports they need on any given day. “If you asked my boys what achievement they are most proud of since working with OnSide it would be that they survived Remote Learning at home and actually managed to do quite a bit of the work. A lot of this was due to Natasha organising supports and advice.”


“Thank you to OnSide and to Natasha for the amazing ongoing support we receive!”