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Founded in 2017. 

OnSide was founded in 2017 by Kollen Sussman who came to Support Coordination from a teaching background.

He knew there was a gap in the market after working with a  provider that worked across various offerings. There were people missing out on a specialised service and this is when he knew something had to be done. This is why OnSide was created. A business that excelled in Support Coordination. A business that was completely customer-centric. A business with streamlined systems in place.

Desire to see everyone reach their full potential.

As a teacher, Kollen was driven by a desire to see everyone reach their full potential.

With this motivation, he handpicked a star team that shared his vision. Each member of OnSide comes with their own story, their own drive and their own specialist skills, but all share a passion for connecting people to the services that will help them thrive. It’s about community, transparency, connection and efficient delivery at every step of the way. 

OnSide was created by someone who speaks NDIS, with a passion for making it more approachable and easier to access. The team knew first-hand that many people were missing out on funds they should have had access to. They saw first-hand how people could thrive with the right opportunities available to them. They knew they had to do something. 

Our values.

OnSide is built on the fundamentals of independence, agility and efficiency.

We see what’s possible with the correct support in place. It’s what drives us. We support you and bridge the gap between where you’re at now and what you need to reach your goals. Our independence is vital to everything we do. It means you have complete control and flexibility. 

As a specialist provider, we know we can get the best outcomes because we’ve made Support Coordination our business. We know we can get the best outcomes for you because at the heart of our business are unwavering principles that drive us to do better and be better at what we do every single day. 

We’re OnSide. We’re on your side.

We know you need a tailored approach because there’s no one else quite like you. And we know there’s no one quite like us either.

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