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Step 1 Let’s connect.

Day 1: Contact OnSide and chat to our access team. Find out if we meet your needs and if we have a Support Coordinator for you. 

Day 2: We will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a meeting. We understand that you may have had to endure a frustrating wait for your NDIS plan to be approved. You’ve already worked hard to get to this point. That’s why speed and efficiency is important to us. Let us do the hard work from now on.

Within a week:

You will have an obligation free (NO COST) introductory meeting with a Support Coordinator. In a 30 – 45 minute chat  we will better understand your needs, interpret what your plans means for you and see if we can move forward together. 

This is your chance to interview us! It’s about ensuring a perfect fit so that you can achieve great things. It’s your future and your choice, always. This is something we never take for granted. 

Step 2 Let’s get started.

Did we click? You can engage OnSide and we’ll set up a more detailed meeting to go deeper into your plan. We’ll write up an action plan and ensure we understand your needs, and now the real fun begins.

Step 3 Let’s progress.

The first 3 months:
This is the most intensive period. We’ll make sure you’re set up for success. We ensure you have a strong foundation in place and work on building your connections and setting up the right support. We listen to your goals and work on not just achieving them, but smashing them.

Regular and direct contact is key for ongoing supports to work best.  We remain available for any questions you have and will proactively check in with you and monitor how things are going.  We can send you monthly reports on how things are progressing towards achieve your plan goals and tweak the action plan accordingly.

At the 6 month mark:
We check in and readjust. Flexibility is key. We know things change, and we work to adapt according to your needs today, to ensure your tomorrow is brighter than ever.

At the 9 month mark and beyond:
We will continually report on your progress and review your goals leading up to the 12 month NDIS review. Before the end of your plan, we will meet to review your goals and ensure you’re prepared before your next NDIS planning meeting so you can maximise results. We’re always thinking ahead and looking for new and creative ways for you to succeed.


We listen. We are responsive.

When you engage OnSide, you sign up for an ongoing relationship. We review your progress at every step of the way. This means that if your needs change at any time, we adapt with you. Whether you need different support or increased support, it is our job to put together a review document to submit to the NDIS. This can be done at any time.

It’s a team effort.

We work for you to make things happen. Our admin team is available for that very reason. To answer your queries and connect you to your Support Coordinator so that everything moves quickly and efficiently. We know this makes us stand out.

Guaranteed service levels.

Continuous communication. Transparency. Seamless Processes. Assurance. That’s the OnSide way. 

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