What is independent Support Coordination?

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Independence matters.

To get true value and maximise your NDIS plan, you need expert, unbiased support that works to achieve your goals. We get it. That’s why at OnSide, we not only work with you to coordinate your plan, but we also work for you. Our only job is to connect you to the right providers to meet your needs.

True support is independent support.

We know that some organisations offer Support Coordination as well as a range of other services. OnSide offers one service: Support Coordination. That means we never have conflicts of interest and we can always remain impartial. 

We are experts in our field. We’ve seen the positive life-changing impact of Support Coordination and we’re dedicated to doing what we do, all day, every day to support you to thrive.


Flexibility and choice.

OnSide supports you to connect to providers of your choice. In the background, we’re forever researching, tailoring, networking and assessing so that you have an array of service providers to choose from. Your preferences, your requirements, your choice.

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