Michal’s Story

Michal’s NDIS goals focused on his desire for friendship, community, personal and professional productivity and the management of stress levels. When Michal reached out to OnSide Support Coordinator Leigh, Michal’s needs were heard. As a creative individual, Michal’s interest in the creative arts – along with Leigh’s facilitation – led to Michal’s access to the possibilities of Art Therapy.


What happens, when you combine your NDIS goals with an invested and dedicated OnSide Support Coordinator? You make art.


Art Therapy – A Powerful Dialogue


As a recognised NDIS modality with numerous benefits, Michal was inspired to utilise his art to make a powerful statement in a way that facilitates social engagement, while building confidence.


Nurturing his need for expression and connection, Michal’s art was opening up his world to not only encourage interaction with other like-minded creatives, but to deliver a powerful message about neurodiversity in a world that caters more to the neurotypical individual. Support Coordinator Leigh spoke candidly with Michal, and stated the following:


Michal uses his Art therapy and artwork to help reduce stress, connect with himself, find centre and reflect/interpret his emotions into his artwork as a tool to support his body and mind when overstimulated, stressed and/or trying to describe how his disability impacts on his daily life.”


With his needs being met and encouraged and his passion being recognised, Michal has become a stand-out artist in Melbourne and is proudly currently participating with two peers at Rubicon ARI Gallery in Melbourne.


Exhibition: “Hidden Becomes Visible”


When he found his niche for fluorescent and visible acrylic paints, Michal created a solo exhibition ‘Hidden Becomes Visible’, showcasing his dynamic works of art, in both daylight and under UV lighting – a deliberate transition further illuminating the differences in perspective that reflect neurodiversity and the power of perception. 


Michal says: 


“Just as overlooked things reveal their beauty in the right light, this collection uncovers the the hidden aspects within ourselves and the world”.


Michal’s Exhibition runs from the 6th – 22nd of July, and more information can be found here


Michal standing in front of 5 pieces of art work in a florescent room.


Supported to Thrive, at OnSide


Michal’s incredible growth both artistically, socially and as a whole reinforce the power of finding the right Support Coordinator for your unique circumstances. At OnSide, we will always take your lead. Your goals become our navigation manual, and we will constantly reference them to connect you with the services and supports that will enable you to thrive. 


For more information about Michal’s art portfolio, please visit his website here.