‘It’s Magic Time’ by Michael

Michael was an up and coming kickboxer in his youth before he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. OnSide have been supporting Michael for many years and we are honoured to share a song he wrote about his experience. Below Michael tells us why he has written this song called ‘It’s Magic Time’.


“Over the last 15 years I have been trying to send a message to people about MS what it is and what it does. I call it the secret shifty disease that hides the truth. I was able to walk and drive at that stage but I had a lot of things going on behind the scenes.
No one seemed to understand and those around me would still continue to invite me motor bike riding and to other physical activities. People make assumptions about how MS impacts me when I am speaking with them over the phone because it doesn’t sound like anything is wrong.
Over the past 15 years I have done YouTube clips to send a message but unfortunately they didn’t reach everybody the way I hoped they would. Then my body gave way and it gave me chance to tell the story where people could listen.
Because then, there was no denying the truth. This led me to write its Magic Time and my experience with MS is now written in the one song and it sadly can’t be denied.”


It’s Magic Time


I was young healthy fit and strong I had come so far when

my leg started to buckle as I walked

I am a man tough men don’t cry oh how wrong so so wrong was I

when the doctor said you could be wheelchair bound in 10 years

I went into action whilst I have a chance in case they were right I said to myself

from one truck to 2  to 3 then to 4

along the way my body was getting weaker and weaker

it looks like the doctors were right  it was five years later the wheelchair had entered my life part-time

yes part-time

I couldn’t push the wheelchair with my hands so electric wheelchair was needed

unfortunately, I learnt there are others that sadly like to take the vulnerable and use them for their glory

but that’s okay you learn from your mistakes always

I reached to 6 trucks but then dropped to 5 then 2  4 trucks, then to 3 trucks

now I stay on 3 and I’m very happy to support my daughter and her mother on 3

not driving a truck hurt but now driving a car is no more

living on an electric wheelchair became the norm

I was living with MS and it was hiding the truth from everybody like a New Year’s firecracker slowly coming to life and ready to explode

then the next level hit me which I needed somebody to feed me because holding a fork and knife was not possible anymore

showering dressing undressing and personal complications were now also tough to accept

but when I did my life became easier again

missing my daughter’s youth has been tough knowing her mother has to deal with all things

was not easy but fortunately you women are another breed of excellence you do so many things that many men think they could do

we have a job and they have their job and together when it’s done with love is beautiful

I live every day knowing every day is a new day and fresh start

with my mind and my heart in the right place

I know there is always somebody worse off and I should be so grateful

I will always be okay always be okay yes I will always be okay.