Lynda’s Story

“The funding has made a big impact and made my dreams become a reality…”

Lynda engaged OnSide to help navigate her NDIS plan. ‘This is not something I had previously done,’ Lynda explains. ‘My last provider didn’t show me my plan or explain how to utilise funding to support my disability needs. Having support to understand everything and use the providers I need has been invaluable.’

NDIS Specialists

The NDIS can be overwhelming. As specialists in the disability sector, OnSide is able to ‘translate’ information and ensure plans are tailored for the individual. ‘My Support Coordinator organises all the extra information about the NDIS and communicates everything I need to know. OnSide also does wellness checks to see how I am doing. It’s about having a true connection and knowing they understand everything about my disability and my requirements. It’s always about what I need.’

Lynda’s Support Coordinator is able to communicate with her providers on her behalf and problem solve when any hurdles arise. ‘If there are any issues that arise with my plan or providers I know that Wendy can take care of that for me.’

Flexibility and Independence

Greater flexibility with her NDIS plan has greatly improved Lynda’s independence. ‘I have always lived independently but my Support Coordinator Wendy has shown me how many more opportunities are available for me. I may have many challenges but OnSide has helped with each plan review so that I can set my goals and keep achieving them.’

For Lynda, the best thing about living independently is my freedom. ‘I have my own home, I have freedom with the choices I make and I have flexibility with my NDIS plan.’ OnSide’s independence ensures that Lynda’s freedom of choice is always supported. ‘The quality of services provided helps me stay independent.’

‘Before I had OnSide I tried to achieve my goals in life by myself, mostly everything was done by myself the best way I could. The funding has made a big impact and made my dreams become a reality,’ Lynda explains. ‘OnSide has assisted with everything from planning to obtaining the correct funding. Having this extra help means I can achieve my goals and then adjust them to make new goals!’

‘I would not have been able to achieve my goals without the support of NDIS funding and it’s OnSide that gave me access to this,’ Lynda explains. 

Tailored Support

‘My Support Coordinator always listens to what I have to say. She is supportive of what I want to achieve. She is always respectful, easy to chat to, a great problem solver and funny too! I always appreciate OnSide’s prompt service too.’

‘I’m so proud of all my achievements since working with OnSide. With the support of my Support Coordinator I have been able to reach my set goals and make some really great decisions for myself that have led to great results. I’m now planning for new experiences, new challenges, travel and new adventures! I know I will be able to stay independent and it’s the support from OnSide that allows me to keep reaching for my dreams.’

Lynda is also an exceptional artist. You can check out her work here