How to thrive with dedicated NDIS Support Coordination

Greater independence, more opportunities, better quality of life: these are the aims and ideals of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), which provides funding and plans to participants in order to access functional support.


Navigating these plans can be challenging. There are many complex guidelines, and as a scheme that caters to over 500,000 Australians, there are valuable improvements that continue to be addressed.


Despite these growth points, the NDIS continues to make an incredible impact. It’s all about making the scheme work for you, which is where OnSide provides support.


The NDIS difference


As independent NDIS experts dedicated only to Support Coordination, we witness the value of the NDIS everyday. From accessing specialist allied health professionals to securing accessible housing, we see the NDIS making a positive difference for our customers and their families.


While there of course remains room for improvement, there are also many successes to be recognised and championed.


OnSide’s NDIS funded Support Coordination has assisted thousands of eligible participants, many of whom lacked any formal support prior to the NDIS. Other OnSide customers now have more choice and independence than ever before. 


So how can you maximise your outcomes and make the NDIS work for you?


Making the NDIS work for you


For new participants, accessing the NDIS can feel like learning a new language. Securing an NDIS plan is an achievement in itself, and the first of many exciting steps in your NDIS journey. If your application meets eligibility requirements for Support Coordination services, we can support you the rest of the way. 


As a registered Support Coordination provider, OnSide works with you to maximise your NDIS plan and efficiently connect you to the support you deserve. We can support you to:


  • Translate your NDIS plan in terms most relevant to your situation and goals
  • Support you in your plan’s implementation
  • Connect you with health care professionals and community support networks
  • Increase your confidence and knowledge surrounding the NDIS
  • Advocate for you to reach your goals, enabling you to thrive

With dedicated NDIS Support Coordination, our customers have used their NDIS plans to transform their lives. 


OnSide success stories with the NDIS


Chris is the primary carer for his brother, Paul. Initially, the brothers faced countless challenges trying to navigate the complexities of the NDIS. When they came to OnSide, Paul and Chris received invaluable support. With the assistance of their Support Coordinator, they quickly gained access to other healthcare providers, improved funding and, most importantly, a dedicated Support Coordinator who was on their side.


OnSide customer Michaela has Type 2 Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a condition that affects her mobility and means she requires a wheelchair and stylus in her mouth for laptop communications. With the efforts of her Support Coordinator, Michaela has utilised her NDIS plan to obtain a Bachelor of Legal Studies from Griffith University and a professional role with Friendly Hearts Disability Services (among other jobs). Michaela continues to be a passionate leader and advocate for justice and inclusion in Australia.


As our customers can attest, making the NDIS work for you is entirely possible. It’s all about understanding the language, learning all of your options, and having a dedicated support network on your side.


We’re here to support you


Joining OnSide is one of the best and most efficient ways that eligible participants can maximise their NDIS plans. Our dedicated Support Coordinators make your transition into and journey through the NDIS easy. 


If you’re interested in being connected with an OnSide Support Coordinator, contact us here. We will support your journey, advocate for your goals and ensure that you’re the driver of your future. We’re simply the



Finally, if you have concerns about the NDIS, you can submit your complaint to the NDIS Commission. Your voice is important. Speaking up and out is vital for the NDIS to continue improving its services while building a more inclusive society for all Australians.