Happy Birthday OnSide!

The last two years have had their fair share of challenges, especially for our amazing NDIS Support Coordinators, but it hasn’t dampened our spirits! So to celebrate OnSide’s third birthday in September 2021, we went straight to the horse’s mouth and spoke to current OnSide staff and customers to find out what really sets us apart.

The OnSide difference


Kollen Sussman, Founder of OnSide, believes OnSide’s independence, coupled with the amazing collaboration that happens in the team, are what sets us apart from other providers in an ever-growing Support Coordination market. 


“We specialise in doing one thing and doing it the best we can,” he explains. 


Our Team Administrator Lori, who joined OnSide in June 2020, expands on this, highlighting that it’s our customer-centric approach that helps us stand out.


“It’s clear that OnSide truly values its customers,” she offers. “So many aspects of the company are designed with the customers best interest in mind. And whilst we know the NDIS, the best person to know you is YOU, so we continue to be guided by our customers on how best to achieve their goals.” 


Honest and proactive Support Coordination


From our customers’ perspective, one of the biggest things they value is how proactive our team is. 


“Support Coordinators are always willing to help and spend the time in managing and making sure that my needs are met,” our customer George explains. “Achieving goals is often a work in progress which has to be managed and monitored. OnSide have shown over the years a level of care and engagement in keeping track of these goals.”


Customers know best


Our model places the customer and their needs at the centre of everything we do. This is an approach Moses, a Support Coordinator who started with OnSide a few months ago, already celebrates.


“OnSide thrives on building strong relationships with customers and always strives to ensure that the customers’ goals are met as per NDIS requirements,” he says. 


This is a sentiment echoed by OnSide Founder Kollen, who often reminds the team to simply stop and listen to their customers as a way to solve problems.


“Listen to your customers, they always know what they want and how they want it. Our job is to do ourselves out of a job,” he reiterates. 


A dynamic work environment


Our team doesn’t solely spend their time with customers either, there’s a lot that happens behind the scenes. One of our longest serving Support Coordinators, Doerte, has been with us since 2019 and loves the variety working with OnSide offers.


“No two days are the same,” she reflects. “Days could be filled with customer meetings, review meetings, dealing with providers, researching mainstream supports and of course all attendant admin tasks. It’s busy but very rewarding!”


Lori also agrees, spotlighting how important the team are to her continued enjoyment of OnSide. 


“I’m proud to be a part of such an amazing group of people that care about their customers and are passionate about helping them achieve their goals,” she explains.  


Your independence matters to us


Whether you’re seeking assistance to activate your own NDIS plan or after a rewarding job as a Support Coordinator, we’re excited to meet you. Give us a call on 1800 322 522 to see how OnSide can support you to find independence and live life on your own terms.