George’s Story

Not all people with a disability are born that way – sometimes accidents happen later in life. That’s the case with George, a high-spirited chemist who had a bicycle incident in 2016, hit his head and broke his neck. He came home from hospital in a wheelchair and joined OnSide Support Coordinators with a number of goals, one of which was to find more mobility and connect to the right kind of services.


Be patient


After his accident, George had to negotiate not only the NDIS, but also adjust to a different way of living. It’s something his Support Coordinators have worked on with him over the past four years. As his needs have changed, OnSide has supported George in taking charge of his plan to find services that are right for him.  


“One of the greatest lessons I’ve learnt is that you have to be patient with carers,” George offers. “It’s hard to get the right mix with people and it’s very difficult to find the right dynamic so it can be frustrating.”


Be open


As a busy man working full-time in the pharmaceutical industry, George often doesn’t have the time to follow up on all the things he wants to do, which is where his Support Coordinator Jess can step in. George has been open to Jess’ assistance to reach his plan goals and make real change happen on George’s behalf. 


“You have good days and bad days,” George reflects. “When I first started out, Kollen [OnSide’s Founder] came to see me and we had a chat – I did reach out to a number of companies, but OnSide were the ones who turned up.”


Be proactive


George describes his current Support Coordinator, Jess, as proactive – she also works with George’s stepson Chris who has an intellectual disability. Jess has done a lot for both men, including connecting Chris with a Supported Independent Living (SIL) program and other providers to support him in his independence. Similarly, there’s more independence on the horizon for George, too.


 “One of the things I want to do is get back into driving. I’m in the process of getting approval for some driving lessons. I also need to get my car modified to add some more things to it,” he explains. 


Kick goals with your NDIS plan and OnSide


We’re here to support anyone with a physical disability to achieve their plan goals whilst also making sure they have choice and control, every step of the way. Give our team a call on 1800 322 522 to start a conversation about getting the right kind of support for you or contact us here.