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The what:

Support Coordination

Support Coordination is an NDIS funded service that’s designed to help NDIS participants (and, if required, their family or representatives) to coordinate the support services in their NDIS Plan

If you’re living with disability, your plan from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) gives you a set allocation of funding for a range of different support services.

The support funding in your plan is very specific and relates to helping you to achieve your personal goals. This might include a range of services such as in-home support, social and community access or therapy sessions. Your NDIS plan will state if you are eligible for Support Coordination.

Support Coordination is designed to work with NDIS Participants to build and maintain a support network. This involves:

  • supporting you to understand your NDIS plan;
  • assisting you to have choice and control over your NDIS services and other supports; 
  • assist to get you through any challenges that might come up with your support services; and 
  • capacity building.

Over time, the Support Coordinator will help their customers build the skills (and confidence) to exercise the choice and control over the management of their Plan. It’s about aligning the customer’s own goals to ensure the Support Coordinator empowers them with all that is possible.

Supports include informal, mainstream, community and funded support. This could be occupational therapy, social support, in-home support, job support, educational support, community engagement (to name a few). 

Yes. There are three different types of Support Coordination. 

  • Support Connection: to help connect you with NDIS funded and mainstream services
  • Coordination of Supports: to help coordinate your schedule
  • Specialist Support Coordination: available to those with additional support needs

The type of funding you receive will depend on your individual needs and will be outlined in your plan.

The who:

Support Coordinators

A Support Coordinator will help to connect you with all the individual services outlined in your plan.

An OnSide Support Coordinator is able to get the best out of your NDIS funding. We are experts in the disability sector which means we can provide recommendations tailored to your individual goals. 

A Support Coordinator can:

  • determine each customers needs and goals;
  • navigate the NDIS marketplace to find support services best suited to meeting their needs and goals;
  • communicate with support providers, to maximise the plan and its capabilities
  • build independence; 
  • monitor and record progress; 
  • prepare for a NDIS Plan Review; and
  • provide general support and encouragement.

No. A Support Coordinator’s role is to ‘translate’ your NDIS plan and to connect you with the people and services to achieve your goals.

A Plan Manager will organise payments, invoices and manages your budget.

Yes. Support Coordinators can help navigate this process. Before the meeting, a Support Coordinator can produce a Plan Review Report to outline the services arranged. This will include assessment reports to demonstrate progress during the Plan period as well as recommendations for future services. During the meeting, a Support Coordinator can support customers and their representatives. Afterwards, they act as a point of contact for the NDIS.

The why:


An independent Support Coordinator is able to find the exact service to meet your individual needs and goals. At OnSide, we are not bound by any particular services we must use. Our only purpose is to match you to the best service to help you thrive. This means there is never any conflict of interest. Our interest is clear: YOU. If something’s not working, we change it. Need to think outside the box to find the right service? No problem. We’re flexible in our thinking and our approach to ensure you’re receiving exactly what you require at any given time.