Bob’s Story

“I want to feel freedom…”


Bob has lived in SRS (Supported Residential Services) for more than 17 years, receiving full support. He was recently offered a place in aged care accommodation and public housing at the same time. Despite some differing opinions, Bob made it clear that his dream was to live independently. 


OnSide Listens


“The Support Coordinator appreciated my choice and she arranged all the supports in place to assist me moving out and settling in a new place,” Bob tells us. ‘’I lived in SRS for more than 17 years and this is the first time I had a chance to move out and live in a house of my own.” 


As well as advocating for Bob and ensuring his voice was being heard, OnSide also assisted with the practical elements of moving to independent living. ‘’I have support workers to see me every day. I have a GP, a community nurse, OT and physiologist to help me manage my health. I also have a new scooter, fall alarm device and other equipment to live comfortably now. Thao coordinates everything to help me stay on top of my health. I’m very happy.’’


What was Bob’s biggest goal when working with OnSide? ‘’I want to feel freedom and be satisfied with my choice of lifestyle,” he explains.


Practical Support


Bob is slowly discovering the perks of living independently and exploring his new surroundings. “I used to live in a SRS, so my daily routine had to stick with group schedules. The biggest difference now is in daily routine. I can do whatever I feel like doing. The beach is close to my house and I can go for a walk.”


“I always have the NDIS care team I can fall back on,” Bob adds. “They help me with shopping, cook with me, make sure that I eat my meals and check my medication system whenever they visit me.’’


One of the most rewarding parts of working as a support worker is seeing the world open up once a customer reaches their goals. Now that Bob has achieved his dream of independent living after almost two decades, he’s already focused on his next goal. ‘’It’d be good if I can go away for a couple of days. My dream is to have a trip to Queensland in the future. But in general, everything is good now.’’


Building Community


“My support workers have now become my friends,” Bob explains. “Thao is a good listener and she understands my needs. With my (complex) health issues, nobody thought I could manage myself in independent living. OnSide appreciated my choice and helped me set up everything to move out.’’


 Bob is now especially proud that he can remember people’s names and what their roles are to support him. “I was given the care I needed. Now I want to see how my NDIS supports go from here to the future.