The Power of Independent Face to Face Support Coordination in the NDIS Framework

Support Coordination is not just another buzzword in the realm of the NDIS. Its significance has been underscored by the recent findings of the Disability Royal Commission, which emphasised its crucial role in promoting an inclusive Australia. Notably, the commission spotlighted the importance of independent, adequate, and high-quality Support Coordination, all of which are instrumental in elevating the well-being and safety of those under the NDIS umbrella.


As we eagerly await the NDIS Independent Review report, we remain hopeful of a resonant affirmation of these fundamental insights. At OnSide, our commitment remains unwavering: to ensure that our customers receive paramount support through Independent Face to Face Support Coordination.


Reinstating face-to-face visits (post Covid), as voiced by our team members, has not just been a procedural change but a shift in understanding the real value of personal engagement. The overwhelming positive feedback is a testament to the advantages of this in-person connection. It is, therefore, an earnest call to action for all of us to rekindle these bonds and build an even more resilient support system for our customers.


Why Independent Face to Face Support Coordination Matters.


Establishing a Personal Connection: Nothing replaces the intimacy and warmth of an in-person conversation. Meeting our customers face-to-face paves the way for building trust, rapport, and a genuine understanding of their unique situation and needs.


Enhanced Communication: Words convey meaning, but non-verbal cues express emotion. Face-to-face interactions unravel the myriad emotions, facilitating a deeper empathetic connection.


Better Assessment and Tailored Solutions: Being in the same physical space permits a holistic understanding of the customer’s environment, paving the way for bespoke solutions that resonate with their needs.


Improved Problem Solving: The immediacy of face-to-face engagement ensures that queries are addressed promptly, doubts clarified instantly, and solutions are implemented swiftly.


Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: When we go the extra mile to meet our customers, it is a testament to our commitment. This proactive approach magnifies their experience with OnSide, making it memorable.


Strengthening Relationships: Beyond business, it’s about relationships. Personal interactions sow the seeds for enduring relationships, making way for loyalty and an influx of referrals through heartwarming testimonials.


In this journey towards creating an inclusive Australia, let’s cherish the power of Independent Face to Face Support Coordination. As a unified team, let’s march forward to make a profound impact in our customer’s lives, enabling them to not just survive but thrive.


Reach out for Support


If you’re interested in being connected with an OnSide Independent Support Coordinator, contact us here. We will support your journey, advocate for your goals and ensure that you’re the driver of your future. We’re simply the supporters.