Preparing for the Festive Season

For many, the festive season can be a time of mixed emotions. It is often a time of joy, a time spent with loved ones, and a relaxing break from the bustle of busy life. It’s important to have the right supports in place as we enter the end-of-year festivities so that you can navigate this period and enjoy it with the people around you.


Here, we outline simple ways to ensure you’re equipped for the holiday period. You can also download our checklist, which lists this information in an easy to follow printable guide.


Plan ahead


Let’s start with logistics. The festive season means revelry and relaxation for some. For others, it can also mean something else: office closures, including many support services with restricted access during this time. 


With a bit of planning you can ensure your support needs continue to be met during this time. Follow our question and answer section below:


Q: Will the NDIS supports and services I use be available during the holiday season? 

A: Each NDIS service will have different closure periods. Clarify the availability of each service you use and discuss what options they might have in place over the festive season break. Speak with your Support Coordinator if you feel that alternative supports are required during these shut downs.


Q: Will I need the same level of support during the holiday season? 

A: Maybe. Bear in mind that a lot of services have reduced staff available at this time. Let your NDIS provider know in advance the hours and days of support you require. This could be more or less than usual – try to give them the clearest picture possible. Remember that Christmas Day and New Year’s Day will be at higher rates as they are public holidays.


Q: Will I have sufficient products to cover the holiday closure period? 

A: It’s a great idea to stock up on products you know you’ll need before the end of the month. Some product-based services will shut down, and many may have delays in postage. Make sure you order and have products delivered prior to the end-of-month Christmas rush. Now is a great time to do so!


Finally, we recommend discussing all of these areas with your NDIS Support Coordinator. We can assist you in your preparations, ensure that each part of the checklist has been organised, and support you setting yourself up for a successful and relaxing break.


Have a Plan B


Despite all the best preparations, there can sometimes be the need for a Plan B. This is often the most essential aspect of thorough festive season prep work and can offer a comforting layer of extra support should you need it.


First, check if your usual contacts and support team members will be around during the holidays. If they’re travelling, it’s important to have back-up supports in place. Think about who else you can call if needed and speak with them prior to the festive season to ensure they’re aware of your needs. Confirm and test contact methods like phone numbers or email addresses. 


If you’re struggling, seek assistance from your Support Coordinator. We can support you in thinking outside the box to create a solid Plan B so that all areas of your needs are covered.


Enjoy yourself


Now for the fun part! This period isn’t all about the ‘what ifs’. It’s also about enjoyment. Take time off and get involved in the festive spirit as ways to support yourself.


There are many things happening in the community during and in the lead-up to Christmas and New Year’s. See what’s going on in your local area and get involved to help spread some festive joy.


At the heart of this time of year is spending time with loved ones. Connect with family and friends and enjoy your time together – maybe even throw in a few fun seasonal games!


Finally, we encourage you to reflect on the year that’s been and to think about the year ahead. What have you achieved this year that you’re proud of? What goals do you want to set for next year? Acknowledge your successes and use them as inspiration for goals to set in 2023.


Download our Festive Season Preparation Checklist


We’ve compiled all of this information into a step-by-step checklist to support your festive season preparations. 


Download the checklist here. Print it out and check off each item as you complete the preparation process.


The festive season doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Set yourself up for success and ease with these thorough preparations. And remember, we’re here to support you every step of the way. We’re by your side.