OnSide & The Housing Hub: Better Together

We’re thrilled to announce that OnSide is partnering with The Housing Hub. An initiative of the Summer Foundation created in 2017, The Housing Hub is an online platform that matches people with disabilities with suitable housing based on their needs.
We believe this is a match made in heaven. OnSide brings a wealth of Support Coordination experience to the housing journey and in collaboration with The Housing Hub will be able to support more people in finding a home that fits.  


We’re building a centre for excellence in disability housing


One of the biggest hurdles in accessing specialist disability accommodation (SDA) funding is the application process itself. Many NDIS Support Coordinators don’t know how to apply, struggle to understand the eligibility criteria, or simply don’t have the experience in the process.


“As a dedicated Support Coordination service, OnSide has a large amount of expertise in suitable housing options for people with disability,” offers Kollen Sussman, Founder of OnSide. “Many OnSide Support Coordinators are experts in this area and we have assisted a number of our customers in getting NDIS funding for SDA.”

“Our partnership with The Housing Hub will bring more accommodation expertise to NDIS participants, and cross-pollinate knowledge between the organisation– which we think is a big win-win.”


Similarly, OnSide has been proactively addressing the issue of young people in residential aged care (RAC) and had great success in this area. Our partnership with The Housing Hub will continue this great work and allow us to support more people with disabilities to achieve their NDIS plan goal of living independently in the right kind of accommodation for their needs.


Benefits of our partnership with The Housing Hub


1. Advocacy for the customer

This is first and foremost what OnSide and The Housing Hub have in common. Everything we do is for our customers. Our partnership will only strengthen our ability to continue to advocate for people with disabilities and their desire to live life on their own terms.


2. Strong collaboration between two like-minded brands

What both brands share is a passion for partnering with specialists, rather than offering a range of different services under one umbrella. By collaborating with The Housing Hub, we’ll be able to bounce ideas off one another to not only improve outcomes for our customers, but also to deepen our knowledge of disability housing.


The same is true for The Housing Hub. We’ll be able to connect their team with our dedicated Support Coordinators to share insights, troubleshoot NDIS issues and offer access to our network of providers.


3. Targeted support with NDIS funding applications for SDA

It’s quite difficult to get funding under the NDIS for specialist accommodation. How an SDA funding application is positioned is crucial. As mentioned above, Support Coordinators who understand the eligibility criteria and can make applications on people’s behalf are lacking. This partnership will bridge the gap and we’re excited to see how far we can go, together.


Let OnSide support you with your housing needs

As part of our ongoing commitment to dedicated Support Coordination, we can support you in finding the right housing based on your needs. Our expertise spans the breadth of the NDIS ecosystem and we’ll always give you choice and control, every step of the way.


Contact us to learn more about housing support and to see how we can walk alongside you in your NDIS journey.