OnSide’s My Support Tool: Building capacity, one plan at a time

Anyone who has encountered an NDIS plan will know that there’s a lot to keep track of. In order to connect our customers to the services they need so they can build capacity and achieve their plan goals, we had to think not only about the big picture, but also every little detail. That’s how the OnSide My Support Tool was born. We recently spoke to OnSide Lead Support Coordinator Sonia Faulkner about the evolution of this tool and how it’s empowering not only our Support Coordinators in their work, but also our customers, too.


What is the My Support Tool?

“We’ve always had a My Support Tool and when we went to our registration audit, the tool wasn’t working the best for our customers,” Sonia revealed. “There are a combination of issues that go into building a plan, but what the tool allows us to do is give our customers, in writing, choice and control of their NDIS plan.”


The My Support Tool exists as an interactive PDF, but it’s not like a traditional form: it’s a living document. It doesn’t replicate existing forms, but is a means to gather NDIS plan information, gain feedback and track a customer’s progress over time. 


“Essentially, it’s a comprehensive document to give the customer a complete understanding of how their NDIS plan can be utilised,” Sonia explains. “It covers every aspect of the NDIS planning procedures and we then customise that tool to reflect the customer’s individual plan.”


Dual benefits

As a customer’s plan goals are achieved and evolve over time, the tool can grow alongside them. It’s structured around the three NDIS plan areas – core, capacity building and capital – with space for noting down any decisions made by the customer about the services they choose. 


It’s beneficial for both OnSide Support Coordinators and their customers because it’s designed from a service delivery perspective, placing the customer at the heart of every page. But more than that, it’s a way of spotting potential roadblocks along the way. 


Identifying potential barriers

The goals in many NDIS plans are quite broad and the My Support Tool rearranges them to include practical strategies, dates and accountability. It’s reviewed quarterly and part of this process is to identify any risks or barriers to plan implementation, like health and safety or issues with funding.


“What it encourages is creative problem solving,” Sonia highlights. “Support Coordinators can capture plan history as it evolves over time and uncover any potential barriers to the customer’s goals.”


Taking time out to look at the bigger picture and reset anything that’s not working by including the customer in the process further builds capacity and increases their level of choice and control. 


Feedback and improvement

The My Support Tool has already been through a number of revisions and interactions with plans to continue the review process indefinitely. This ensures the tool remains relevant and OnSide Support Coordinators have a hand in contributing to a valuable asset that will support their growth and career development.


“Without feedback our jobs are hard to do,” Sonia notes. And as OnSide continues to grow and support more customers, the tools we need to continue to provide independent Support Coordination will need to evolve as well.


Activate your NDIS plan with OnSide

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