Introducing PACE: A New Resource for NDIS Participants

At Onside, we’re excited to share some great news for our community. The NDIA has rolled out a new computer system called PACE. This innovative system is replacing the existing Customer Relationship Management system and promises to enhance the delivery of the NDIS. This means our clients will experience better support and service every step of the way while working alongside their Support Coordinators.


What is PACE?


PACE (Provider Assignment and Claiming Enablement) is a modernised system designed to streamline the NDIS processes. It introduces a range of new features, including:


  • A new participant portal known as “my NDIS.”
  • Instalment-based budget releases.
  • Changes to support categories and types.


This system is being rolled out across Australia over an 18-month period starting from late October 2023. New NDIS participants will be the first to experience PACE, while existing participants will transition to the new system when they commence a new NDIS plan.


Endorsing Providers with PACE


One of the standout features of PACE is the ability for NDIS participants to endorse their preferred providers, termed “My Providers” or “participant-endorsed providers.” Here’s how it works:


Recording Preferred Providers

Participants with agency-managed funding can now record their preferred providers in their NDIS plan.


Direct Claims

Once a provider is endorsed as “My Provider,” they can make claims directly against the participant’s NDIS plan without requiring NDIA approval for each payment.


Flexible Endorsement

Participants can endorse providers during planning meetings, plan implementation meetings, or at any time by contacting their NDIA representative or calling the NDIS at 1800 800 110.


How to Get Started


To make the most of this new resource, we encourage all our clients to discuss the PACE system with their Support Coordinators. By endorsing your preferred providers, you can ensure faster, more efficient service delivery and streamline your NDIS experience.


For more information on PACE and how to endorse your providers, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Support Coordinator. Alternatively, you can contact the NDIA directly or call the NDIS helpline at 1800 800 110.


Let’s make the most of this positive change together. Your OnSide Support Coordinator is here to help you every step of the way. Embrace the future with PACE and experience the enhanced support and services it brings to the NDIS.


For more updates and information, stay connected with OnSide for more exciting developments in our community!


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Contact your Support Coordinator today to learn more about endorsing your preferred providers and making the most of the PACE system! Together, we can ensure that everyone in our community receives the best possible support and services through the NDIS.