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Addressing the needs of LGBTQIA+ people with disability

A close up of a hand outstretched over a face with a rainbow painted on the palm

LGBTQIA+ identifying people are present across most, if not all cultural and social groups in Australia. These people and the organisations that advocate for them continually highlight that increased consideration, understanding and acceptance of their identity and sexuality is essential to their wellbeing as a community. Individuals and organisations that work with LGBTQIA+ identifying people with a disability need to be aware of these considerations and the impact discrimination can have on the people they support.

Paula’s Story

“Without OnSide…we would not have known where to start…”

Paula is a dedicated mother with two sons that are OnSide customers. Both her children have ASD and Paula knew that her sons had not been getting the most out of their NDIS plans. “I initially engaged OnSide to access appropriate services including an OT for my middle son, a support worker to help with my three children and house cleaning assistance,” Paula tells us.