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Lynda’s Story

“The funding has made a big impact and made my dreams become a reality…”

Lynda engaged OnSide to help navigate her NDIS plan. ‘This is not something I had previously done,’ Lynda explains. ‘My last provider didn’t show me my plan or explain how to utilise funding to support my disability needs. Having support to understand everything and use the providers I need has been invaluable.’

Paul’s Story

“OnSide helps to guide me.”

Paul is lucky to be alive. As a super fit, 34 year professional, Paul showed none of the warning signs of someone likely to suffer a traumatic brain injury. In an instant, his whole world changed when he suffered a major stroke. Paul was in a coma for two weeks and endured four brain surgeries. Against all odds, he managed to wake up from his coma, only to find that the fight had just begun.